Ashford Wild Drum Carder


Taking orders now. Current ETA is mid-March 2023

A drum carder is for color blending or making thick, fluffy sheets of fiber out of wool roving or uncarded wool. Carding aligns the fibers and also enables the addition of various fibers. The finished product is known as a batt. Felters love to color blend their own custom wool batts for felting.

This particular drum carder has extra long teeth allowing for incorporation of fabric, ribbons, feathers, paper and other novelties for creating unique blends for spinning into art yarn. 

The built-in, adjustable packer brush controls fine, low-crimp fibers and increases the size of the batt. The drum clearance is adjustable which allows you to set the teeth distance for total control of your fiber. All nylon bearings ensure it is light and easy to turn. The card cloth has wire teeth with a special protective coating and a flexible rubber backing for long life. 

  • Make 4" wide batts
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Includes doffer (awl) for removing batts
  • Rubber felt prevent slipping
  • Fine, extra long 72 point teeth

Doffer and cleaning brush are conveniently stored on the carder. Strong but lightweight with a hand hold for easy carrying. Comes assembled.

Lacquered wood

This is a drop ship item with a $35 shipping charge


Made in New Zealand