Beautiful Paper Stars by Ursula Stiller

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Paper Craft Decorations for Every Season

Create a sparkling universe of 3 dimensional stars with paper and imagination. From glowing lightshades and spring garlands to glittering Christmas wreaths and tree ornaments, making paper stars will brighten your home in every season.

This book includes six different traditional methods of making stars - including folding, cutting or weaving. Basic techniques for each particular star type and its variations, followed by some exciting project ideas and tips for decorating your home or classroom.

☆ Aurelio Stars
☆ Filino Stars
☆ Froebel Stars
☆ Messina Stars
☆ Solino Stars
☆ Venezia Stars

Note: This is not a book about making the flat Waldorf Window Stars.

Each of the 40 projects is illustrated with step-by-step instructions and ordered from beginner to expert within each star section. A variety of paper is used including origami, letter sized paper in colors, paper in blended colors, patterned paper, lantern paper, thin paper for small stars, heavier paper for larger stars.

Tip! Lantern paper can be made from white letter size paper that has been colored with wax crayons.

Softbound; 160 pages

Authors: Ursula Stiller, Armin Täubner and Gudrun Thiele