Blackboard Chalk, Anti Dust - COLORS

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Almost completely dust-free, hard blackboard chalk perfect for school or home use. The colors are softer than our other Blackboard Chalk, somewhat pastel. Because this chalk can leave a residue on certain blackboard surfaces, we recommend conditioning a new chalkboard before use. The instructions are below. 

Box of 12 pieces.

Current Colors: brown, yellow, green red, orange, blue

Size: Each measures 3.15 inches long, 1/3 inch diameter

Origin: Netherlands

Ages 3 and up

Due to the nature of this brittle chalk, it's likely several of the pieces will arrive broken but are still considered useable.

Sorry, we cannot accept returns for chalk.


Conditioning a New Chalkboard

A new chalkboard is porous and you will want to prime or condition it before use, otherwise your first drawing could be there permanently. To condition a new chalkboard, lay a piece of white chalk on its side and cover the board generously, first from top to bottom until covered and then from left to right until covered. Using a soft, dry cloth rub the chalk in well and then erase. Repeat.