Bundle - Teach the Pentatonic Flute

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For health reasons we are not able to accept returns for flutes, even if it has not been used. All flute sales are considered final.

With this bundle you will have everything needed to learn, play and teach the pentatonic flute.

Choroi's pentatonic (Note range: d"-e"-g"-a"-b" -d''' -e''') wood flute is the flute used in the younger grades of Waldorf schools. David Darcy's instructional book and CD set Playing and Teaching the Pentatonic Flute has been a staple in our shop since it was first available in 2008. We include Choroi's special oil because oiling is necessary one to two times a month to maintain this fine flute's quality.


  • Choroi Quinta Pentatonic Wood Flute with cleaning swab
  • Playing and Teaching the Pentatonic Flute Book/CD by David Darcy
  • A bottle of Choroi Flute Oil

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