Child's Chalkboard

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Note! Chalkboard surface is actually lighter than pictured.

An inexpensive, lap-size chalkboard for children ideal for creating little drawings and practicing letters or, in creative play, making signs, notices, play menus and more.

Chalkboard surface: 7" tall x 10" wide

Overall size: 8-3/4" tall x 11-3/4" wide

Made in China


Conditioning a New Chalkboard...

A new chalkboard is porous and you will want to prime or condition it before use, otherwise your first drawing could be there permanently. To condition a new chalkboard, lay a piece of white chalk on its side and cover the board generously, first from top to bottom until covered and then from left to right until covered. Using a soft, dry cloth rub the chalk in well and then erase. Repeat.