Coiled Basket Kit - Three-Rod (Expanded Version)

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Learn to weave a more advanced coiled basket! This kit teaches one-rod, two-rod and three-rod coiled basketry techniques and many designs common to many traditional cultures from North America. 

Prepare to spend some time on this project. It could take more than 8 hours over several days.
Kit includes:
  • fiber cord
  • raffia
  • tapestry needles
  • color photo instructional booklet

You supply: water, scissors, ruler, pen or pencil

Kit makes one 4” to 6” wide basket

Ages 12 and up, adult participation necessary for younger ages

Made in USA

Coiling is the basketry method where one material is wrapped around another in a spiral. The wrapping material is soft and pliable and used for weaving together the rows. The inner material can be a bit sturdier or can be the same material used for wrapping.

Basketry is one of the traditional crafts taught in a Waldorf high school.