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“Without science, we are lost. Without story, we are trapped alone in the darkness of ourselves. For too long, these companions have wandered on separate tracks. This book takes one positive step towards bringing them together as travelling companions.”—Pie Corbett (from the foreword)

Science through Stories curriculum presents a collection of 29 hand-picked stories to engage young learners with the awe-inspiring world of science. Traditional tales rub shoulders with historical stories, as well as stories written especially for this book, all of which have been classroom tested. Each tale is written in a storyteller’s voice to make it easier to learn and retell orally. The stories are organized into subjects and include engaging and inclusive ways to link them to teaching science. Pages are photocopiable.

This book is perfect for expanding the repertoire in a “storytelling school” and for all science teachers interested in bringing something different into the classroom. This is an excellent resource for home schooling, too!

  • Introducing Storytelling School approach
  • 11 Biology stories covering:
    • Seeds and Seasons, Senses, Healthy Lifestyles, Habitats, Care for Environment, Health and Germs, Flowering Plants
  • 6 Chemistry stories covering:
    • Material Uses, Changing Materials, Rocks and Fossils, Material Properties, Water Cycle, Mixing and Separating Materials
  • 12 Physics stories covering:
    • Forces: Pull, Light and Night and Day, Sound and Hearing, Forces: Push, Pull and Twist, Forces: Magnetism, Light, Electricity: Series Circuits, Sound, Space, Electricity: Parallel Circuits, Forces and Bridges
  • Activities linked to topics
  • Index

Spiral Bound Curriculum; 246 pages

Measures: 8.375" x 11.5"

Authors: Chris Smith PhD and Jules Pottle

Storytelling Schools Series, Volume III

Hawthorn Press