Felt Sewing Kit - Nessie Lagoon Kit

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Level 3 hand-stitching project to be made by adults and enjoyed by all. Stitch Nessie Lagoon, complete with snorkel gear and rare earth magnets that connect the snorkel to her mouth. Her arms, legs, and tail are wired with pipe cleaners for movement and positioning.

Once completed Nessie makes a wonderful gift, toy or holiday ornament. Kit supplies everything you need.

  • wool and rayon felt
  • wool stuffing
  • pipe cleaners
  • magnets
  • embroidery needle and thread
  • sewing needle
  • step-by-step illustrated instructions
  • pattern

You provide the scissors.

Finished size: ~5" H

Completed toy is not intended for children younger than 3. 

Eco packaging / Made in USA


NOTE: Nessie fits well into the Fox coat, Charlotte's cloak patterns and into Rilla's coat (if you already have the Rilla pattern) although all of these may take some minimal shortening to accommodate her slightly shorter stature.