Felt Sewing Kit - Octopus

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Level 3 hand-stitching project to be made by adults and enjoyed by all. This kit includes all the materials needed to create Ellie Octopus and her colorful beach gear (beach ball, sailor hat and life ring). You can dream of summer all winter long by making this delightful eight-legged felt octopod. Add her to your holiday decorations, place her on your desk at work or share her with a friend in need of an extra hand!

  • wool and rayon felt
  • wool batting
  • cotton pipe cleaners
  • 4mm button eyes
  • embroidery thread and needle
  • step-by-step illustrated instructions
  • pattern

You provide the scissors. Simply cut out the pattern and fabric inside, then stitch your kit together following step-by-step instructions and illustrations. 

Finished size: Approximately 10 inches wide (with legs completely outstretched) and about 7 inches wide as pictured. The height of her head (including her hat) is about 2 inches. 

Completed toy is not intended for children younger than 3. 

Eco packaging / Made in USA