History Through Stories

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Teaching Primary History with Storytelling

Stories bring history to life, and getting children to retell these stories can transform their learning. This collection of curricula has strong links to British historical stories about significant individuals, as well as original stories in historical settings. 

All 37 stories are written specifically for use in classroom settings and make an outstanding resource for homeschoolers, too! Each includes suggestions for engaging and inclusive ways to link the stories to history teaching, English literacy skills, and other areas. Also included, an introduction to the Storytelling School approach and an index. Pages are photocopiable for use in teaching.

History Story Topics covered:

  • Overall Narrative of Britain Since Ice Age: c. 10,000 BC - present
  • Stone Age Life c. 1500 BC
  • Bronze and Iron Ages c. 800 BC
  • Ancient Greeks c. 800 BC
  • Romans c. 50-100 AD
  • Anglo-Saxons and Vikings c. 880 AD
  • Islamic Empire, Non-European Civilizations c. 900 AD
  • Norman Invasion c. 1064 AD
  • Tudors, Henry VIII c. 1520
  • Stuarts, Gunpowder Plot c. 1605
  • Stuarts, the Plague and the Fire of London c. 1665-1666
  • Industrial Revolution c 1760-1830
  • Empire, Piracy, Slavery c. 1700
  • Enclosures c. 1800
  • Aeroplanes c. 1880
  • Women's Right to Vote c. 1900
  • World War One 1914-1918
  • World War Two 1939-1945
  • The Internet c. 1990
  • Global Events: Race Relations 1950-1990
  • Global Events: The Moon Landing 1969

Guaranteed to fire the imagination!

Spiral Bound Curriculum; 300 pages

Measures: 8.375" x 11.5"

Authors: Chris Smith PhD, Adam Guillain and Nanette Noonan

Storytelling Schools Series, Volume IV

Hawthorn Press