Joy's Copper Head Frames

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Joy's Waldorf Dolls' Copper Head Frames make measuring the circumference of your doll head in progress a snap! For a perfectly proportioned doll-sized head every time - these round wire frames ensure your success. In Joy Chambers' doll making workshops, the Copper Head Frame is used several times in the making of a head.

As you are making the inner ball for the head it needs to be measured. You can do it with a measuring tape or a copper frame. Two hands are needed for a measuring tape so Joy designed these frames, which easily slip over, around and off the head ball and require the use of only one hand so your other hand can remain on the ball keeping the wool already wound on the head secure. Each frame is a different size and labeled according to the height of the doll.

Labeled & sized for dolls that are 6", 8", 9/10", 12", 13/14", 16" and 18" tall.