Merino Wool Prefelt

$3.90 - $7.50

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What is prefelt? It is not the same as roving or top. Wool prefelt is a lightly needled or loosely felted batt making a felt-like fabric. Residing midway between being dyed carded wool and becoming sturdy wool felt fabric, prefelt requires additional felting to become a durable fabric.

Our exclusive, thin and extra-fine prefelt batts promise to save you time when incorporated into your wet, nuno and dry needle felting projects.

  • Tear apart for soft edges or cut for defined edges
  • Felt it onto the surface of fabric or fiber
  • Make clothes for felted dolls
  • Use as a base or layer and felt other fibers onto it
  • Use it with roving to create multi-colored felt sheets
  • Needle it onto any of our wool felt

Shrinkage can be significant. The width and length can be increased with a little steam ironing, but not too much or you will felt your prefelt.

19 micron merino wool (very soft)

Origin: Australian merino wool needled and dyed in Italy. Oeko-Tex certified free of harmful substances.

Sizes may vary slightly. Unavailable colors have been discontinued.