Natural Wood Craft Rings

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One natural and unvarnished hardwood ring. These are sought after for attaching to Waldorf teething dolls and baby toys, sewing to the corner of a favorite blankie, creating dancing silk or felt ribbon toys (see additional image for example) as well as other toy and group craft projects.

Also popular in macrame and crochet projects or as cafe curtain rings and curtain tie backs or paint napkin rings for each family member a different color.

Wood ring may need light sanding in places. Sealing with natural beeswax polish is recommended to help preserve the wood. Please, supervise baby using ring and replace ring promptly if it shows signs of wear.

Origin: Germany

Material: Beechwood


  • Small, 56mm (2.2")
  • Medium, 70mm (2.75")
  • Large, 85mm (3.35")

Click here for a fun project from Wee Folk Art for making Fairy Ribbon Rings.