Numerica - A Waldorf Book of Counting

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Squire Digit, who is seen early on using an abacus, and a helpful old woman take the children on a walk to teach them numbers 1 through 10, in a Waldorf way ~ we are each ONE, opposites in nature make up the examples of TWO, and "sometimes there is something in the middle to make THREE...". There are FOUR seasons, directions and amount of legs on the animals that walk on the earth. You get the idea.

his is a wonderful book and resource for children to learn how to count and grasp the concept of numbers in a nature-oriented way and very much in alignment with how it is taught in a Waldorf first grade.

Author: Gloria Kemp

Illustrator: Elsa Murray-Lafrenz

Hardcover; 36 pages. (11" x 8.5")