Sarah's Silks Giant Rainbow Play Silk

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A colorful rainbow silk scape created by Sarah's Silks from hand-dyed blended bands of rose, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple for a giant rainbow of fun for all. Play ideas included on packaging. Dyed with non-toxic dyes.

  • Create a rainbow sky.
  • Play games.
  • Soften the edges of a door or window.
  • Make a canopy.
  • Fasten with our Fort Building Clips to envelope a play area.
  • Wear as a long rainbow cape.
  • Create theatre curtains.

The Billowing Cloud Game. Two people stand opposite of each other, each holding on to the two corners on their end. Both lift their arms to the sky and let go simultaneously, allowing the silk to fully puff up and float down to cover and enchant one and all. Listen for the squeals of delight as night falls!

100% silk, hemmed.

Size: 9 feet long x 3 feet wide.

Ages 3 and up.

Hand wash, hang dry. Iron on medium if you want to restore the shine.