Sheep's Silk Wool Embroidery Thread

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Thread Gatherer's beautiful silk/wool blend embroidery thread Sheep's Silk is recommended by Salley Mavor (Felt Wee Folk and Felt Wee Folk New Adventures author) for making tiny strands of hair on the wood bead heads of her "wee folk" pipe cleaner dolls. Use with #7 Embroidery Needles.

Other applications include wool embroidery, crazy quilt stitches, cross stitching and needlepoint. This thread is too thick for sewing on Waldorf doll hair wigs and will create holes in your fabric if you do so.

Hand-dyed colors from left to right: Black, Blond, Auburn, Brown, Grey, Brunette, Ginger (Silver not shown)

Hand Dyed in the United States.

Content: 50% Silk, 50% Wool

Yardage: 25 yards

How to use: Use Sheep’s Silk just as it comes off the skein, do not ply down. 


Cross-stitching: Perfect on 18 count linen over two. Gives a tighter and fuller stitch on 28 count linen.

Needlepoint: 18 count canvas - provides beautiful coverage when used with a basketweave or tent stitch and performs well when used for specialty stitches.