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Customers looking for the best quality wool felt, felting supplies, and all types of natural fabrics choose A Child’s Dream as their primary source.


Testimonials can easily be found on the Internet.


Martha Stewart Living

An online article titled Needle-Felted Woodland Ornaments during the holiday season featured ornaments made using 3mm Wool Felt from A Child’s Dream.

We were quoted as a source for felt in November 2010, when our plant dyed felt was recommended on The Crafts Dept section of the Martha Stewart site.

Martha Stewart Living has named us as one of their favorite wool felt sources in several online articles as well as in their magazine.

Whenever premium wool felt is used, the mention of A Child’s Dream is nearby.


Our Plant Dyed 100% Wool Felt is very popular and sought after. says “It's sturdy, able to stand up on it's own for craft projects, feels so good to touch, and the natural colors are just yummy.” “Plant dyed felt can be found at your local Waldorf school store, if you have one, or if buying online, I get mine from A Child's Dream.”


We carry Oeko-Tex certified 100% Holland Wool Felt in addition to 3mm Wool Felt and Organic Plant-Dyed Felt.


From a great blog to follow:

“I purchased this sumptuous plant-dyed wool felt from A Child's Dream Come True a couple of months ago on a whim when I was reordering some their other more traditionally dyed wool felts.   The plant-dyed colors just caught my eye and when I slipped them out of their mailing envelope, I think my pulse quickened.  I really am at a loss to describe it, but there is something about the colors of these felts that is so much more extraordinarily gorgeous than other wool felts.”


Among all our customers, bloggers, and friends on the Internet, Martha Stewart Living continues to be one of our biggest supporters. For many years we have been featured in various projects for Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Halloween issues.

There are also other sources that reference our products and we are happy and proud to supply the needs of the many people looking for the best quality and customer service available.