The Magic Knot and other Tangles by Reg Down

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The Magic Knot is a making-tale comedy starring Pine Cone and Pepper Pot. Their friend, Tiptoes Lightly, lives in an acorn, and has no furniture except a downy feather for a bed. Soon it will be her birthday, and Pine Cone and Pepper Pot decide to make her one table and three chairs ~ which should be a simple task for two clever gnomes, or so you would think! When her surprise party finally rolls around, Tiptoes tells the enchanting tale of how she came to live in the Great Oak Tree as a daughter of Father Sun and Mother Wind.

An additional story, The Tale of None, is found at the end of the book. It is about a ladybug on a spot-finding journey to India, Africa and America.

Lavishly illustrated by the artist-author this book is full of innocent, sanguine humor. Suitable for reading to young children or for young children to read.

Soft cover; 6 x 9 inches, 100 pages

Author and Illustrator: Reg Down
Ages 4 to 9  (Older children and adults enjoy these tales. too!)