The Storytelling School Handbook for Teachers

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This curriculum handbook describes an innovative way of delivering primary education. In a storytelling school all children learn to be storytellers, retelling and improving stories from memory as a way of learning both language and subject content across the curriculum. Children graduate with a repertoire of their own stories to tell. This approach has been shown to raise standards and inspire imaginations in schools throughout the UK.

The handbook teaches how to make this happen and draws on more than ten years experience researching and developing this way of teaching. It is packed with practical activities, examples, theory, charts, diagrams, pages to photocopy and ten stories.

The Storytelling School offers step-by-step explanations on how to become a storytelling school, including how to:

• Tell stories
• Develop and innovate on a learned story
• Invent new stories
• Link storytelling to improving writing standards
• Apply the method to non-fiction teaching
• Plan across the curriculum using the Storytelling School approach

Stories: The Three Dolls, The Freedom Song, Anansi and the Tiger, Otto Frank, The Great Fire of London, Icarus, Snip-snip, Nativity Chant, Benjamin Franklin's Kite, Monkeys and Hats

Spiral Bound Curriculum; 184 pages

Measures: 8.375" x 11.5"

Authors: Chris Smith PhD and Adam Guillain

Hawthorn Press, 2nd Edition