The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly by Reg Down


The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly is one book made up of a series of three spring adventure tales: Book 1 'The Bee who lost his Buzz', Book 2 'Pumpkin Crow' and Book 3 'Lucy Goose and the Half-egg.' Each series is comprised of 14 different short tales or chapters; over 40 in all and the sweetest stories ever.

Lavishly and lovingly illustrated by the artist-author, the stories are humorous, sanguine and droll. They are innocent and magical nature tales of Tiptoes, a fairy who lives in an acorn high up in the branches of Great Oak Tree, and her friends from the natural world.

Reading to young children and new to Reg Down? This book is where you'll want to start!

Soft cover; 104 pages. 

Author: Reg Down

Suitable for reading to young children (kindergarten to grade 3) or for young children to read (grades 1 – 4)

Book 1 of a 3 book set which includes The Festival of Stones and Big Stamp Two Toes the Barefoot Giant.