Needle Felting Kit Easy - Hedgehog

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Did you know the front paws of hedgehogs have 5 toes with short nails while the hind paws have just 4 with nails that grow continuously? The better to burrow with! This favorite kit from Woolpets comes with gray and black Corriedale wool fiber, curly wool locks, two new 38 gauge felting needles, a wooden skewer, beads for eyes and detailed photo instructions packaged all together in a handy transparent "take-out" tote ideal for gift-giving.

You will also need a Foam Felting Pad.

Ages 10 and up (younger with close adult supervision)

Level: Beginner (super easy!)

Size: Makes 2 - 4 hedgehogs - 1.5in. to 2in. long

Origin: United States