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Product Safety

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

In 2008 the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was created in response to lead-tainted toys and pthalates in plastic baby bottles which were manufactured in China and sold in the United States. It states that consumer products intended for children 12 and under cannot have more than 100 parts per million of lead in any accessible part and cannot contain pthalates. These safety requirements are a key component of the CPSIA aimed at further reducing children’s exposure to these harmful substances.

You can rest assured that the natural craft supplies, children's toys and products we sell are in compliance with the CPSIA either by being inherently free of lead and/or having tested at less than 5ppm, well below the CPSIA's August 2011 limit of 100ppm. In addition, we will never sell a toy or product that has been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

All art materials (even those not intendend to be primarily used by children) have been required to be labeled as to any toxic effect since 1990. The art materials we carry are labeled Conforms to D 4236, or are labeled in the European Union EG (EN71). This means they have been certified by a third party tester to be NON-TOXIC.

All natural materials such as paper, wood, cotton, silk, wool, rayon, bamboo, beeswax, straw, and many others derived directly from nature are known by science to be lead free. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recognizes this and addresses it in a public statement released on February 6, 2009. 

The wood toys we sell are made in the US or the EU and have safe non-toxic finishes or paints. Our soft toys are made of cotton, wool, and silk. They are not made of plastic and do not contain pthalates including DEHP, DIDP, DINP, DEHP, and Bisphenol A (BPA). 

Certificates of compliance with the CPSIA have been obtained from our suppliers and are on file on the premises. 

Product safety is extremely important to all of us at A Child's Dream Come True. Our family and staff use the supplies from this shop to make toys or purchase our already made treasures.  

Please, if you have any concerns, address them to me at

Deborah Staggs


Individual Product Safety Information

Holland Wool Felt, 3MM Wool Felt

100% Merino Wool. Our Holland Wool Felt and 3MM Wool Felt are made of pure merino wool sourced from South America. The transformation of the wool fleece into wool felt takes place in Europe where the end product ships to us from Delft in the Netherlands.

Manufactured entirely in the European Union with the following EU certifications and classifications:

  • Pure New Wool, certified by the "International Wool Secretariat".
  • Free of Harmful Substances, including lead, earning the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification.
  • Not flammable, conforming to UNE 23735 Class M1 (highest class).*
  • Certified Cradle to Cradle (a certification awarded to products that pursue an innovative vision of ecologically-intelligent design that eliminates the concept of waste).

*100% wool felt is self-extinguishing meaning it requires a constant flame from an external source to burn. Once it is removed from the flame the felt will extinguish.

Organic Plant Dyed Wool Felt

The wool used to produce this felt is organic Bioland certified and raised cruelty free. For more information visit the Bioland homepage (you will need to enable Google Translate). The Bioland 100% wool felt is pre-mordanted with potassium alum and dyed with natural plant and insect based dyes. Translated from the Bioland website: "Those who opt for organic, say the same no to genetic engineering, factory farming, synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticidesFor the organic-farmers and their partners, from food crafts and manufacturing operate according to strict guidelines.These go far beyond the minimum legal standard for organic food." 

Premium All Wool Felt

100% Virgin Merino Wool. Free of harmful substances. Non-toxic colors.

Lamb's Pride Wool Yarn

Manufactured in the United States by Brown Sheep Yarn Company this yarn is permanently moth-proofed with a non-insecticidal called Ecolan CEA. It is added to the dye bath at the same time as the dyes and is "permanent" in the sense that it will not wash, rub, or dry clean off the wool. The treatment works as an insect resist agent by making the wool protein unpalatable to the wool moth larvae. It is biodegradable, and possesses a lower aquatic toxicity than insecticides.

Art Supplies

Our art supplies are AP certified non-toxic and conform to the standard ASTM D 4236.