Wool Felt

If your only experience of sewing with felt is the spun polyester craft felt from a box store you might be wondering, is the extra cost of 100% wool felt really worth it? Naturally, in my humble and biased opinion, I say yes, definitely yes and once you get your hands on a piece of any of our wool felt I’m convinced you will agree.

100% wool felt is soft to the touch and appearance when compared to the synthetics, it does not have a sheen or plastic-y feel. The natural wool fibers don’t snag on your skin and the thickness of the carefully manufactured all wool felt is evenly consistent in contrast to the mass produced craft store felt.

Honestly, sewing with wool felt is a tactile pleasure and a visual delight and I invite you to experience the experience of crafting with this material of exceptional quality. For the four year old learning to sew to the acclaimed fiber artist, we have the felt you want because wool felt is our specialty.