Story Books

Donsy of Gnomes (ages 4 and up) and Tales from Limindoor Woods (5 in the series for ages 6 and up) are wonderful character building stories with rich content and vocabulary. Each book includes a supplement in the back of things to ponder, activities, family recipes, songs and more to enhance and inspire creative forest gnome explorations and play. In the words of Melisa Nielson of Waldorf Essentials, "these are exciting stories that capture the gentle soul, yet engage the active child with adventures and humor. Wise stories from a gnome-sized world where universal lessons abound."

We love eeBoo's storytelling cards! They stimulate language development while kiddos use them as colorful prompts to make up some rather imaginative stories anywhere they go.

The many board books we offer are beautifully illustrated and will hold up well to toddler use. Some have no text and make wonderful "talk-about books". Our picks of educational books teach, through tales, the Waldorf way of learning arithmetic and language arts. The other books found in this section have been selected carefully, just for you! Enjoy ~