Silk Merino Fiber

Wet or Nuno Felting with Ashford of New Zealand's Silk Merino Fiber Blend results in shimmering, wavy strands on the surface of your project. Why? For the simple reason that silk does not felt but merino wool does. Therefore, when you felt , the merino shrinks up and gathers the silk in the process... creating those lovely iridescent waves. Heavenly!

Also, divine to spin into fine, lacy and lightweight yarn for knitting or to create unique semi-worsted yarns for weaving. Exquisite for wool crafting figures such as fairies, dolls and mermaids by fashioning the fiber over a wire armature.

A sumptuous luxury fiber blend. Ashford of New Zealand combines beautiful colors of Merino wool sliver (roving) with shiny white silk strands for a stunning effect you're sure to fall in love with. This is our all-time favorite Silk Merino blend because of the distinct contrast within each rich colorway and the abundance of silk in the blend.