Waldorf Kindergarten

Many of the creative supplies in this section are unique to Waldorf education and selected for their high quality or open-ended play characteristics. Because every Waldorf kindergarten has natural fiber dolls with clothes that can be changed A Child's Dream has included a kit here so you can make your own or enlist the help of a relative or neighbor. Most of the supplies shown will continue to be used and perhaps expanded upon as your child moves through the grades.

Handwork ideas for this age? Using the hands for real work, indoors and out. Helping around the house, in the kitchen and garden. Children enjoy simple hand sewing projects such as a set of felt bean bags to be tossed into a bowl or other container; assisting with woodworking or just hammering nails into wood supervised; finger knitting or plying cords to be used in play; kneading bread dough, modeling with homemade play-dough or making little doll house bowls, snakes, fruit and other one color creations from our modeling wax. Wet felting balls using warm water and soap is a safe felting technique and always fun. A quick search online for Waldorf Crafts or Handwork for this age group will yield even more ideas!