Wood Crafts

Hands on "making" using a real material from nature, children love working with wood and playing with toys made from wood. Embellish with wool felt or add some color by painting or dipping into a dye made from paint or another colorant. Anything unvarnished, and all of our wood dolls, blanks and beads are, can be painted. Choose non-toxic water-based paints like our Stockmar Opaque Watercolors or the Stockmar Watercolor concentrates - both available in our Painting Section. Watercolor pencils work well, too. We love the Lyra Rembrandt Aquarells. You could also try out food dye, natural dyes, turmeric, kitchen dyes, Easter egg dyes, even Kool-Aid. Most of all, have fun creating - for yourself, for gifts, or for the children in your life!