Washing a Waldorf Doll

Washing instructions courtesy of Joy's Waldorf Dolls 

bare-little-love-body-1-45217.1368335625.1280.1280.jpg To spot clean  your doll you can:

  1. Rub soiled area with a luke-warm wet cloth and mild soap.
  2. Rinse with a clean wet cloth and then blot out the moisture.
  3. Air dry OR if washing a small area blow dry with a cool hair dryer to avoid leaving a spot.

To wash your doll:

  1. You can wash your doll as you would a wool sweater with a good soak in mild soap and cool water and then spot rubbing.
  2. Rinse all soap out.
  3. Take care to reshape the doll with your hands after water is squeezed out.
  4. Wrap it in a towel for a bit and follow directions for drying.

Drying -depending on how wet it is:

  1. You may leave it to air dry or
  2. Use the cool setting on the hair dryer for spot drying.
  3. I have a sweater/sneaker rack for my clothes dryer and I place it in the dryer for as long as needed on low to no heat setting.

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