Burly Spun Wool Yarn

Burly Spun Wool Yarn

A big hank of burly weight single-ply wool yarn. Dubbed the "Fastest in the West", Brown Sheep's Burly Spun is so thick you can knit up a beautiful gift in an evening. It can also be woven with and is very useful in needle felting. All around a very fun yarn that yields quick results! Thicker than bulky or worsted weight, this yarn is wonderful for beginner finger knitters (as young as 5 years old) learning to make a cord. Divvy it up among the children by preparing several balls from one hank. Kindergarten teachers and many moms will undo the finger knitted cords at the end of each day, wind the yarn back into balls and fill up the basket once again so every morning yarn is at the ready to be finger knitted anew.

Children come up with a variety of uses for their finger knitted cords ~ horsey reins, belts, garlands, crowns, lashing for play forts, string for making shapes, outlining creative play landscapes and much more. Cords can be sewn together in a spiral to make potholders, rugs, doll hats, hot plate pads, and table mats. Look for finger knitting instructions in the book Kids Knitting and A First Book of Knitting for Children as well as many places online.

Little ones learn best with rhymes and repetition. We love this little verse for learning to finger knit:

"In through the lake,
Pull out the snake!"

Knitting Needle Size: US 13 (9 mm)
Gauge: 10 stitches per inch
Weight/Yardage: 8 ounce reeled hank (skein), 132 yards

Made in the USA