Ashford Corriedale Wool Roving - Seasonal Packs

Ashford of New Zealand

$16.20 - $61.50
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Ashford's popular Corriedale wool roving in convenient, seasonally themed color packs for felting, spinning, blending, carding and wool crafting. 

Choose from four different packs. Each contains SEVEN (7) different themed colors.

Fiber: 30 microns

Pack weight: 3.5 ounces, 100 grams

SPRING - cupcake, candy, rose, pansy, strawberry shortcake, lilac haze, sweet pea

SUMMER - fir, moss, lima bean, lime, mint, teal, green

AUTUMN - red, orange, purple, magenta, tangerine, chilli pepper, raspberry

WINTER - white, sky blue, indigo, lagoon, periwinkle, lavender, blue