Ashford Handcarders for Felting and Spinning

Ashford of New Zealand

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Handcarders are used in pairs to prepare fiber or blend fibers or colors in the traditional way. Lightweight and easy to carry they produce small rolags ready for spinning or create your own custom color blended batts for felting.

It's not unusual to find a set of carders in a Waldorf kindergarten or pre-K classroom. The teacher will card and prepare wool while the children observe or go about their play. Older children from kindergarten age on up find the process of hand carding wool to be calming.

We love this smaller, lighter version of Ashford's standard hand carders. Perfect for use by a child and adults will find they are easy on the wrists. The handle is round and comfortable. 

  • portable
  • blend and card
  • stainless steel wire and rubber backing
  • calming activity

A screwdriver is needed to attach the handle in place.

1 Pair (wool not included)

Carding surface: 72 PPSI 3.5 x 7.5 in.

Overall dimensions: 8.75 inches long x 7.5 in. wide

Made in New Zealand