Ashford Merino Wool - Natural Light

Ashford of New Zealand

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The Merino sheep have the softest and finest wool of all breeds. 

100% pure New Zealand grown merino wool. Merino wool has a very fine micron count which means it is super soft, softer than any other wool fiber. A favorite for fast, wet felting, perfect for nuno, the top choice for needle felting details, and the only wool for spinning baby soft yarn.

Ashford's merino wool sliver (top) is our pick over others because we know the sheep are well cared for and treated humanely. 

Use for:

  • Fast wet felting
  • Nuno felting
  • Needle felting fine details
  • Spinning into a soft yarn

Micron: Fine 21-22

Staple length: ~3" (7.5 cm)

100 grams = 3.52 ounces

You can rest assured that Ashford's Merino sheep are farmed with care and treated humanely. More information can be found on the main Merino Wool Category page or our Product Safety page.