Ashford Top Whorl Spindle + Instructions

Ashford of New Zealand

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A quality, well-balanced top whorl lacquered drop spindle from Ashford of New Zealand at an affordable price. With a top whorl spindle the whorl or wheel is at the top with the long shaft below which not only assists in balancing the spindle but allows for rolling the spindle down the thigh for fast propulsion and high speed spinning. The whorls are hollow underneath, making them lightweight with maximum momentum.

All are suitable for spinning our Corriedale and Wilde Wool which are easy-to-spin fibers for beginners. While you can spin these fibers on all five of our top whorl spindles we recommend the 80mm spindle for beginners. This size gives more rotations or spin so allows for more time to learn the technique of drafting the fiber before the spindle slows down, and the shaft is a manageable length.

Select from 5 different whorl diameters and weights. All made of solid silver beech hardwood.

  • 90mm (3 3/4") 80gm (2.75 oz) - Heavy Weight, for long fibers like Coopworth, Leicester, Romney (our Wilde Wool) 
  • 80mm (3 1/8") 50gm (1.75 oz) - Medium Weight, for medium length fibers, Corriedale, Jacob, Finn - recommended for beginners
  • 70mm (2 3/4") 35gm (1.25 oz) - Medium Weight, for medium and short length fibers, Merino, Llama, Alpaca
  • 60mm (2 3/8") 20gm (.75 oz) - Lightweight, for slick, fine or short fibers, silk, cotton, Angora, Merino
  • 50mm (2") 15gm (.5 oz) - Lightweight, also for slick, fine or short fibers, silk, cotton, Angora

Instructions are included.

Top Whorl or Bottom Whorl? You will notice in our shop we offer both. With a top whorl, as the yarn is made you'll wind it just under the whorl. If it is a large amount of yarn it can affect the balance of the spindle. With a bottom whorl spindle you can build up a sizeable amount of yarn but give up the faster propulsion.