Backstrap Weaving Loom Kit

Friendly Loom™

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A backstrap loom kit based on the Peruvian backstrap loom which was used for centuries to make the colorful woven sashes, belts, straps and bands that are so distinctive. With this kit and using the same methods, it’s easy and fun to weave unique, beautiful bands so useful in a variety of ways. Loom comes pre-warped and ready to weave.


  • Sturdy hardwood clamp device and belt tie
  • 100% pure wool warp (pre-threaded through a heddle)
  • 100% pure wool weft yarn
  • Shuttle beater
  • Illustrated instructions

Yarn colors included are gold, royal blue and pumpkin.

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SIZE: 7" x 7" loom; potholder 5-1/2" x 5-1/2"


AGES: 9 - adult

Tip! Making another project? Use a bent paperclip to hook the warp yarn through the heddles.