Pure Wool Felt: Felt Never Felt So Good

Pure Wool Felt: Felt Never Felt So Good

Posted by Debbie on 17th Oct 2014

If your only experience of sewing with felt is the spun polyester craft felt from a box store you might be wondering if the extra cost of 100% wool felt is really worth it. Naturally, in my humble and biased opinion, I say yes, definitely yes, and once you get your hands on a piece of any of our wool felt I’m convinced you will agree.

100% pure wool felt is soft to the touch when compared to the synthetics, it does not have a sheen or plastic feel. The natural wool fibers don’t snag on your skin and the thickness of the carefully manufactured all wool felt is consistently even in contrast to the mass produced craft store felt.

Honestly, sewing with wool felt is a tactile pleasure and a visual delight and I invite you to experience the experience of crafting with this high quality material. From the four year old learning to sew to the acclaimed fiber artist, we have the felt you want... because wool felt is our specialty.

I hope the following summaries of all the wool felt in our shop help direct you to just what you’re looking for!

Organic Plant-Dyed Wool Felt: Hand dyed in Germany using natural dyes and extracts. Some sheets exhibit attractive mottling or uneven areas which are inherent to this dye process. You’ll fall in love with the colors and may find yourself collecting it for that reason alone.

Uses: Finished projects of all sizes and when natural color is preferred.
Can handsew: Yes
A fluffy 1.3 – 1.5mm
Colors: 12 colors.
Sizes: 8” x 12”, 18” x 18”
Safety: Made from Bioland Organic Certified wool felt. Pre mordanted with potassium alum, dyed with plant and insect based dyes.

Holland Wool Felt: Our lightest weight wool felt and considered our go-to craft felt, it comes in the most colors and is also the most economical, especially when purchased in a prepackaged color collection. Ideal for toy and doll makers of all ages. The color Soft White dyes well.

Uses: Finished projects of all sizes. It has the most flex so is well-suited for making small things (think fairies, barrettes, peg dolls, pipe cleaner dolls, little animals, penny rugs, applique…)
Can handsew: Yes
Thickness: 1mm
Colors: 77 colors including 6 natural sheep’s wool colors and many dyed shades of green and brown.
Sizes: 8” x 12”, 18” x 18”, 36” x 36”, 36” x 72” (inquire about availability of continuous yardage)
Safety: Oeko-Tex Certified free of harmful substances.

Thick Rustic Wool Felt: Fairly consistent thickness with a coarse surface texture. Spongier, rougher and more flexible than our 3mm Thick Wool Felt. Easy to needle felt onto. Hand made in Nepal

Uses: Ideal for decorating with needle or wet felting techniques or use just as it is. Makes an excellent base for a needle felted picture.
Handsew: Yes
Thickness: 3mm – 4mm
Colors: 16 colors
Sizes: 12" x 12"
Safety: Free of Harmful Substances

3mm Thick Wool Felt: Dense, industrial weight felt of exceptional quality. The dyed colors are made from merino wool and are softer than what is available elsewhere. The surface is pressed and smooth. This felt can be needle felted onto with a bit of effort. Made in the European Union.

Uses: Machine sewing bags, purses, footwear, furniture, pillows, baskets a sturdy case for harps, musical instruments and laptop computers. Martha cut out holiday ornaments from our 3mm then needle felted wool accents onto the figures.
Handsew: No
Thickness: 3mm
Colors: colors available vary
Sizes: 9” x 18”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 36”, 36” x 36”
Safety: Oeko-Tex Certified free of harmful substances

Merino Wool Prefelt: Prefelt is lightly needled, partially felted wool. Living midway between carded wool and sturdy wool felt fabric prefelt does require additional felting to become a durable fabric. We have found what we believe a superior source for prefelt and love what we offer. The sheets are thin and because comprised of extra-fine wool are incredibly soft. Australian merino wool needled and dyed in Europe in exquisite, unique shades.

Uses: Time saving applications for all felting techniques: needle, nuno and traditional wet.
Weight: 19 micron count (the lower the count the softer and finer the wool)
Colors: 14 designer colors
Sizes:12 x 20", 20 x 24", 20 x 72"
Safety: Oeko-Tex Certified free of harmful substances