Curly Braided Wool Roving

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Pure wool braided around a core string which, when unraveled and pulled apart, increases in size by three times yielding a bounty of wavy wool fiber.

> See additional images for color key. To see "new" colors, see additional images or click on color name in dropdown window.

Please note, this unspun wool is not recommended for doll hair on a traditional Waldorf doll.

Use for:

  • Felting
  • Peg doll hair
  • Pipe cleaner doll hair
  • Gnome beards
  • Santa beards
  • Angels
  • Animal locks
  • And more! 


Length: 12 inches (expands to 36 inches) or 1 meter

Ginger is no longer available from the manufacturer and has been discontinued.

NOTE! Some colors may not show up on your computer as they actually are.