De Witte Engel Doll Jersey

De Witte Engel

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De Witte Engel's soft, 100% cotton knit interlock doll jersey is widely known as the queen of Waldorf doll making fabric. Available in six different skin tones. Click here for matching sewing thread available separately.

  • Highest quality, heavier and thicker than our Cotton Knit Waldorf Doll Skin Fabric
  • Narrow width, 32 inches (compared to 60 inch)
  • Pill resistant, smooth finish
  • 6 colors 
  • Tubular knit
  • Free of harmful chemicals

When ordering please keep in mind that colors lighten once stuffed and on the doll.

Safe for children's toys.

Made in the European Union

Care Instructions: Machine wash and dry on normal settings. There will be some shrinkage.

Ökotex certified 100 % cotton yarns dyed according to European legislation code EN71 guidelines.  Certified natural, sustainable, and free from toxic and harmful substances and colorants

Colors: Fair, Tan, Beige, Light Brown, Red Brown, Dark Brown (Dye lots may vary) Selection box shows names with De Witte Engel's color numbers.

Weight: 14.7 ounces per linear yard, moderate stretch

Width: 32" wide

Choose: 10 x 31.5 inches (25 x 80cm) | *36 x 32 inches (91 x80cm)

*Non-continuous yards will be sent unless requested otherwise.

We get asked... Which side is the right side? The official answer is that there are no different sides of the jersey. Yet if you look really closely, on one side the knit is slightly more defined. 


About colors and computers: Colors cannot be accurately represented online and will vary according to your monitor settings. A Swatch Card is available.