Felt Sewing Kit - Calvin Cat


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Level 3 hand-stitching project to be made by adults and enjoyed by all. Stitch Calvin Cat for yourself, make him for a friend, or share the gift of stitching with someone special. This kit includes all the basic materials needed to create Calvin Cat, and his fish.

Kit supplies everything you need.

  • wool and rayon felt
  • wool batting
  • cotton pipe cleaners
  • hardware for overalls
  • black sew-in eyes
  • glass beads for fish eyes
  • embroidery thread and needle
  • long darning needle
  • step-by-step illustrated instructions
  • pattern

You provide small sharp scissors and a bamboo skewer for stuffing.

Optional: craft glue (for attaching the inner ear - you can also sew this), a candle or tea light for waxing whiskers, a small twig (long toothpick, or bamboo skewer) for a fishing rod, fine point, permanent felt tip pen (eyeliner)

Finished size: 6.25" H

Completed toy is not intended for children younger than 3. 

Eco packaging / Made in USA