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THE classic Waldorf craft book for sewing a wide range of felt dolls, animals, toys and more. Included are patterns for dressing our Peg Dolls, Bendy Rope Doll Bodies and Finger Puppet Bases, all found in our Doll Bases section. So much to inspire and whet your creative appetite.

  • Detailed instructions
  • Well illustrated with color photos
  • Patterns included
  • All suitable for making with children

Table of Contents:

  1. Wooden Standing Dolls (gnomes, royal family, St. Nicholas, little angel, mother with baby, hazelnut children)
  2. Felt Dolls (basic model, gnomes, woolen dolls, flower children, blossom fairies, finger puppets, walking dolls)
  3. Dolls with Pipe-cleaner Frames (basic model, a Christmas gnome, jester, pipe-cleaner man, the man in the moon, wooden doll with moveable arms and legs)
  4. Animals and Birds (duck, swan, seal, bird, mobile with butterflies, snail, sitting cat, mouse, dog, another dog, horse, cockerel)
  5. Tapestries (simple tapestry, gnome in a landscape, a first book, French knitting, finger crochet, tapestry with French knitting, bag with French-knitted strap, fir trees and grasses)
  6. Balls (decorated, panel balls of all styles)
  7. Jewelry (necklaces and earrings, harlequin brooch, clown brooch, gnome brooch, butterfly brooch)
  8. Gifts (doll in a matchbox, bookmark, comb case, scissor case, purse, decorating little boxes, egg-cosies)

86 pages.

Author: Petra Berger