Felting Needles

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Four sizes for all your needle felting techniques. Each pack comes with 5 Felting Needles of one size in a color-coded Needle Case for safe keeping.

Save 12% when buying all four in a Savings Pack!

All of our felting needles fit in the single and multi-needle felting tools we offer. Teachers can make their own “variety sets” for their students. Order the Felting Needles Savings Packs and from them make "variety sets" with one of each type of needle by taping them onto heavy paper or cardstock.


Needle felting, also known as dry felting, is a method of sculpting, embellishing or making pictures with wool roving fiber using a very sharp barbed needle. The needle entangles the scales of wool fiber onto themselves making this a quick and simple way to create designs and pictures on felt, sweaters, scarves and more or 3-dimensional treasures including dolls and animals for puppetry and play.

  • Size 36 Triangle - Coarse - FAST felting - Good on inner core - Leaves small marks. Use when needle breakage is an issue. (3.5 in. long, black cap)
  • Size 38 Triangle - Medium - ALL-PURPOSE felting. Use for all fibers and on all styles of our wool felt. (3 in. long, red cap)
  • Size 40 Triangle - Fine - DETAILS - Shallow finishing work - Facial features - (3 in. long, white cap)
  • Size 38 STAR Point - ATTACHING pieces together - Pulls more wool - Speeds up joining process - Does not leave large marks. (3 in. long, clear cap)

You will also need a Foam Felting Pad. Needles are VERY SHARP.

$3.99 - Triangle Needles (include needle storage case)
$4.99 - Star Needles (includes needle storage case)
$14.95 - Savings Pack (includes one set of each size)

Some tips for avoiding needle breakage on our blog.