Holland Wool Felt Collection - Christmas

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A collection of our Holland 100% Wool Felt in Christmas colors for your holiday crafting. Two different shades each of reds, greens and whites give you a nice range for a traditional look as well as colors more attractive to children.

This is a consistently 1mm thick craft weight Merino wool felt, soft to the touch. Once you use it you'll have a hard time using anything else. Easy to sew for all ages and perfect for projects of all sizes.

Ages 3 and up.

Christmas ~ Red, Clover, White, Cranberry, Forest, Soft White. (displayed projects not included)

Specifications: Merino wool. Approximately 1mm thick, (almost 1/16"). Weight is 14 oz. per linear yard (36" x72")

Care: Color fast, however we've found some of the very deep reds/pinks to bleed in warm water. Dry Clean or gently handwash in cool water only. Reshape if needed.

Safety: Product Safety Information.

6 different colors. Felt sheets are each 20 x 30 cm which is just about 8 x 12 inches.