King Maximo and the Number Knights

Lemon Tree Press

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At the grand feast the twelve ‘Number Knights’ reveal their answers to King Maximo’s momentous question, WHAT IS THE GREATEST OF ALL THE NUMBERS.

Whether you are homeschooling or teaching a class, King Maximo and the Number Knights is a delightful, engaging way to teach the basics of numbers to young children. The story, written as a series of 12 lesson-chapters, retells how King Maximo sent his 12 number knights out into the world charged to discover the greatest of the numbers. The knights go out and then return and meet in King Maximo’s great hall. As each tells the tale of his adventures, we find that each knight has a different opinion of what is, truly, the greatest number.

Included with each chapter is a shield that evokes the wonders of the number that that chapter’s Number Knight found to be the greatest. These shields are just right for the artistic element of each lesson, and are sure to engage the students, as they also convey much of the essence of the number they represent. (Reviewed by Nancy Parsons of Bob & Nancy’s Services)

As a Waldorf educator for over 30 years, Howard Schrager has been working to cultivate a type of learning based in imagination, creativity, and physical activity.

This is the updated edition - hardcover and with full color illustrations.

Hardcover; 80 pages

Author: Howard Schrager

Illustrator: Malin Lager

Size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches