Playing and Teaching the Pentatonic Flute and Pentatonic Recorder

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Now choose the book with a CD or the book with an emailed file containing just the songs! Instructions for requesting the file of songs are found in the book. 


David Darcy helps you and your children learn to play the pentatonic flute or recorder. His simple approach gives you quick success even if you are new to the flute and cannot read music. Progress from easy songs to rather difficult. As you and your child advance, you will continue to find challenges at your level.

The included CD or digital songs' file lets you hear the songs and listen to David’s explanations about playing and teaching them. This expanded edition includes nine new songs, which are not on the CD.

Table of Contents: Why Start with the Pentatonic Flute, The Pentatonic Scale, Limitations of the Pentatonic Flute, Introducing the Flute, "The Blind Boy and the First Flute" story, Teaching Yourself to Play the Pentatonic Flute, Fingering, Finger Games, True Notes, Breathing, Writing Music Without the Staff, Teaching Children to Play, Care of the Flute, Information about Instructional Videos, Notes On the Songs, Exercises Beginning on A, Exercises Beginning on B and E, Thumb Song, When Pointer Comes to Play, and 30 songs to play!

Softcover; 45 pages

Search David Darcy on You Tube for his videos which are intended to be used in conjunction with this booklet and CD set. Live in Australia? You can purchase this from Rudolf Steiner Book Centre in Sydney.


A note from David on the Pentatonic Recorder ~ "I use the Choroi Pentatonic Flute. However, since writing the first version of this booklet, I have been contacted by parents wanting to know if the information is useful for the pentatonic recorder. The answer is 'yes'; the fingering and the notes are the same for the pentatonic flute and the pentatonic recorder. The title now reflects the fact. However, it seems cumbersome to refer to both instruments throughout the text, so please include pentatonic recorder whenever I refer to the pentatonic flute... I have found that some companies make 'pentatonic recorders' that use the same finger positions to make the same notes. However, some companies make pentatonic flutes (or recorders) that use different fingerings. Every instrument should come with a chart showing what finger positions to use to make each note."

This book is recommended by the Christopherus curriculum.