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Enrich imaginations with these beautiful play silks from Sarah's Silks. Playsilks can be found in every Waldorf themed preschool and kindergarten and are the epitome of an open-ended toy. Inspire creative play with a free flowing iridescent playsilk. Enhance your nature table by using colorful flowing silk as a base changing the color with the seasons.

  • Handwork and doll projects
  • Dress-up and costuming
  • Wrap a gift
  • Tie a doll sling
  • Make lake, meadows and mountains
  • Sew doll clothes

100% silk, 5mm weight

Dyed with non-toxic Jacquard Acid (vinegar) Dyes

Note, MINT has been discontinued.

Measures: 35 inches x 35 inches

Care instructions: Hand wash with mild dish soap or shampoo (a fun task for a child), hang dry indoors or outdoors, medium iron if you want to restore the shine.

Ages 3 and up.

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