Silk Fairies Mobile Kit

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Create an enchanting dancing mobile of 12 fairies. Dressed in gowns of beautiful plant-dyed silk, each a different color, this colorful spiral of fairies moves gently and gracefully with every passing breeze. A peaceful, organic alternative to wind-up mobiles. 

Suspend high in the room of an infant or child, eye catching over the changing table, hang above your seasonal tableau, or anywhere in your home or office.

Simple to make, the kit provides:

  • 12 hemmed naturally dyed silk squares
  • Clean carded stuffing wool
  • Shiny gold thread
  • 7 inch diameter hoop from which to dangle the dancing fairies

Delicate and not intended for play.

Note: I have made many of these for baby shower gifts and have found some kits to have not quite enough thread for hanging the finished mobile. Embroidery floss makes a good substitute or you can purchase a spool of gold thread here> ...Debbie 

Made in Germany