Stockmar Watercolor Paint 20ml


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Stockmar watercolor concentrates are ideal for wet-on-wet and transparent painting done by students of Waldorf education. The paints are produced from gum arabic and the finest light-resistant color pigments, have a very high yield-value, remain completely water-soluble when dry and are non-toxic. The color tones have been chosen so that they can be mixed to give all intermediate shades without losing their brilliance and intensity.

  • Colors are harmonious to Goethe's "Theory of Colors"
  • Colors mix well
  • Colors are easy to blend
  • Vibrant and bright
  • Suitable for glaze
  • High light fastness
  • Economical to use

These non-toxic concentrated paints are long-lasting, free of heavy metals and remain completely water soluble when dry.

Save when you purchase the Set of 3 Primary Colors, for Grades PreK-3 - Carmine, Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine.

For the proper paintbrush for the Waldorf wet-on-wet watercolor painting method CLICK HERE >

SIZE: 20ml

AGE: 3+

ORIGIN: Germany

Start with a dilution of 10 parts water to 1 part pigment. If concentrate is thick or has separated then stir prior to diluting with water. Store unused diluted paint in the refrigerator. Free prep and painting instructions on our Waldorf Watercolor Basics page.

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