The Case for Home Schooling

Hawthorn Press

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A must-read for homeschooling parents and families considering teaching their children at home even after schools reopen.

In this timely and acclaimed guide, teacher turned home-educator Anna Dusseau explores the benefits of home education, the ways children come to understand the world and how homeschooling can cultivate true creative learning for life. Her gritty, wisdom-filled approach shows how homeschooling can work brilliantly for families in post-lockdown times.

Alongside practical tips for getting started and answers to key questions, you will find a wealth of tried and tested activities. Here are carefully picked home learning resources and up-to-date advice. The informative, honest accounts of homeschooling show different approaches so as to help choices.


1. The Purpose of Education

Love of Learning - Emotional Education - Life Skills - Finding your Strengths - Engaging with the World - Creating Space for Childhood - Embracing Autonomy - Becoming Trustworthy

2. How Children Learn

Learning Through Wonder - Observation - Experience and Apprenticeship - Free Play - Conversational Learning - Natural Curiosity - Kinesthetic Learning - Recognition - Mixed Age Play - Time to Digest

3. The Benefits of Home Education

Tried and Tested - Living Better - Finding Your Comfort Zone - Avoiding Tribalism - Freedom from Bullying - Finding Focus - Whole Family Benefit - Learning Without Boundaries - Stories of Home Educating by 14 Families

4. Key Questions

The Law - Local Authority Involvement - Socialization - English and Math - Special Educational Needs - Addressing Distraction - Finances - Teaching Toolkit - Homeschooling Terminology - Parent Self-Care

5. 101 Ideas for Homeschooling

Concrete Activities to Explore - The Highly Sensitive Child - School vs. Homeschool Schedule Comparison - Common Arguments for Sending Children to School


Anna Dusseau is a former secondary school teacher, turned writer and homeschool mom. The success of her popular Homeschool Guru Blog has led to giving public talks and radio interviews as well as writing articles in leading journals.

Soft cover; 256 pages

9 x 6 inches

Author: Anna Dusseau