Wood Egg (6)

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From wood crafts and kitchen play to felting and spring and Easter celebrations, we've found these wood eggs with a small flat bottom are useful for so many things! They are just the size of a hen's egg and fit perfectly in an empty egg carton.

As a family, group or party activity you can:

  • felt around one, let it dry, cut across mid-section, remove egg leaving a wooly egg-shaped vessel
  • felt around another, leave the wool on the egg for a weighted wool egg
  • paint an egg with any of our paints
  • decorate with shapes of pressed-on decorating wax
  • protect the wood or paint with beeswax polish

Dimensions of one egg: 2-1/2" tall x 1-3/4" diameter

Wood: Birch or Maple

Quantity: Set of 6 (egg carton not included)

Ages 2 and up.