Wynstones Book: Autumn

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From Wynstones' classic collection of books comprised of poems, songs, plays and stories for celebrating the season and festivals with young children.

With much based on work by Waldorf kindergarten teachers the entire Wynstones series of six books is an invaluable resource for Waldorf teachers, home schoolers, and parents alike. My copies at home are well-loved from use during our family's homeschooling years.

Autumn contains:

  • 59 poems and 7 stories
  • 30 songs and music
  • A circle game
  • Acorns, autumn harvests, windy weather...
  • Michaelmas, Halloween and Martinmas
  • Jennifer Aulie's excellent essay The Value of Music in the Life of the Young Child.

Revised after 20 years with new material added. The music has been edited with most songs now in the scale of D-pentatonic


Measures: 8½ x  6 inches