12" Bright Eyes Waldorf Doll Making Kit

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Skill Level: Beginner (Ages 13+)

A Joy's Waldorf Doll Making Kit for sewing a soft and cuddly 12" Bright Eyes Baby Doll. There are no clothes to change as the fabric you choose for its body will be its clothes. Just perfect for little hands not yet able to accomplish this feat. Especially designed to be a baby or toddler's first doll. For a baby, make the doll without hair.

IMPORTANT! Please, read the list at the bottom of the description for additional supplies you will need.

What's special about our kits?

  • You get reusable patterns along with a pattern booklet.
  • We include plenty of wool stuffing for a firm doll. No need to purchase extra.
  • There is ample yarn for a full head of hair.
  • The wool provided is ideal for doll making.
  • The instructions are step-by-step and illustrated with drawings or photos.

Kit includes:

  • Reusable pattern pieces for 12" doll
  • Cotton Knit Waldorf Doll Skin
  • Eco Wool stuffing for a true Waldorf style doll
  • Natural fiber hair yarn for bangs
  • Inner head tubing
  • Cotton Knit Velour fabric
  • Plain chopstick for stuffing
  • Embroidery floss for facial features
  • Craft thread
  • Illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Age to Play: 3+ with hair, younger without hair

Eye color: If you prefer a different eye color, please indicate that as well in the Velour box.


In addition:
 you will need good fabric scissors, sewing machine (optional), 3" and 5" dollmaking needles, #7 embroidery needle, #70 Schmetz universal machine needle (if machine sewing), long pearlized straight pins (ball head), tape measure, rouge crayon or powder blush and matching threads. All of these items can be purchased in our Doll Making Supplies section.

RETURNS: Please note, doll making kits are customized products and not returnable.